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Linksys is a US-based data networking hardware manufacturer that specialises in offering equipment and devices to predominantly home consumers and small business users.

The company were founded back in 1988, acquired by Cisco in 2003, where the company’s products were branded “Linksys by Cisco”, and subsequently sold to Belkin, in 2013. Belkin have kept the Linksys brand, offering new products under the Linksys name since acquiring the company and have no plans to cease doing so in the immediate future.

Linksys are well known for their range of reliable, high-quality home and business networking equipment and products, such as their line of WiFi boosters that include the popular Linksys RE6500. In addition to this product line, Linksys also offer a wide range of network storage, switches, routers and internet security solutions.

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Recommended Linksys WiFi Boosters

D-Link DAP 1520

Linksys RE6500 WiFi Booster
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