Microsoft WiFi Confirmed. Will Also Offer Service to Customer’s on iPhone and Android

Microsoft WiFi Confirmed. Will Also Offer Service to Customer's on iPhone and Android

Microsoft have confirmed officially that it is working to launch a service called Microsoft Wifi, a service that is aiming to offer international WiFi access.

Microsoft WiFi was first leaked by VentureBeat, who stumbled across a website owned by Microsoft with the same name. After that initial leak, Microsoft went ahead and confirmed the project, but failed to give too much away simply saying that “We look forward to sharing additional detail when available.”

The service is reported to work on more than just devices with a Windows operating system, as it will also be extended to iPhone and Android users too.

According to it’s website “Don’t waste time filling forms with personal information or managing different carriers to get connected. Sign in once and you are done: you will automatically be connected to a vast range of Wi-Fi providers around the world.”

From the information we have so far, it seems that the new service is an effort by Microsoft to rebrand their Skype Wi-Fi service which at present offers over two million Wi-Fi router hotspots worldwide.

Although this is something that’s still not know, as an expansion with 10 million hotspots in some 130 countries may be launch as a different product altogether.

Free access to the service doesn’t appear to be an option, with only existing Microsoft customer being able to use it. The specifics of this, such as which service or how much it might cost, remain unclear, although it’s expected that customers of Skype Wi-Fi and Office 365 for Enterprise will be eligible for the service first.